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Working in collaboration with Global Telemedicine Studios, Utrecht, Netherlands, we streamed a live procedure of Professor Richard Harvey performing endoscopic sinus surgery at St Vincent's Private Hospital, Sydney on May 7th 2021.

This procedure was the opening live surgery event for the 2021 LION - ESS  Global Rhinology Network Conference and has so far been viewed by over 10,000 surgeons throughout the world.

Our live streaming service offers the following:

- High definition, 4K UHD and 4K DCI video

- Integration with International conference production teams and their infrastructure

- Multicamera views

- Endocam, microscope, laparoscope, ultrasound views and more

- Streaming of conference presentations with Powerpoint, Keynote, etc

- Various privacy options

- Embedding on your own website with password protection

- Akamai distribution for reliable CDN streams

- Streaming to desktops, laptops, IOS and Android

- Analytics

- 5G backup WiFi


Call Steen on (+61) 415 652 998 for more information on  how we can meet your streaming requirements

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